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    Save up to $5,000 back when you work with Wages Realty Partners!


    Wages Realty Partners is a licensed real estate team, but we do things differently. In fact, we strive to put money back in our buyers’ pockets. That’s why we have teamed up with The Canopy Mortgage Team to make that happen. At Wages Realty Partners, we have created an agreement with Canopy Mortgage Team which benefits our clients to receive up to $5,000 in additional savings when they purchase their home.


    How do you qualify? 

    It’s so easy! Simply sign up to be a Wages Realty Partners buyer by clicking here for a consultation. Once you’re signed up with Wages Realty Partners, you’ll need to:

    1. Sign Wages Realty Partner’s Buyer Broker Agreement (BBA)
    2. Get pre-qualified for a loan with The Canopy Mortgage Team

    That’s it. Complete these two simple steps and you’re now qualified for waived Real Estate Broker fees through Wages Realty Partners AND any available loan rebate(s) through Canopy Mortgage Team up to $5,000! The amount of the rebate depends on the amount of your loan.

    How Your Savings Are Applied.

    Any allowable savings can only be applied to closing and loan costs. It is applied to the settlement statement at the time of closing. The rebate cannot be deducted from the sales price or given out as cash at closing. Although, don’t worry…we’ll help you negotiate the BEST price possible.

    What is a Real Estate Broker fee?

    Great question! Let me give you yet another reason to work with Wages Realty Partners. Most (if not all) Real Estate Brokers require their agents to pay fees in order to be associated with their firms. This is totally normal, however many times these fees get bundled into your closing costs so that the Real Estate Agent does not need to pay them out of their pocket. Wages Realty Partners is willing to waive all of these broker fees and pay them separately so they don’t get rolled into your closing fees, cause that just ain’t fair! You’re welcome.

    Do I have to use Canopy Mortgage Team for my loan?

    To receive the savings offered by Canopy Mortgage & Wages Realty Partners, you must close your loan through Canopy Mortgage Team and work with Wages Realty Partners to purchase your new home. However, feel free to shop other lenders to compare costs. We are confident you’ll find that Canopy Mortgage Team offers VERY competitive loan costs.


    If you have any additional questions, we’re just a call/text away!!

    (615) 560-7082